This is our friendly comittee for Jazz Bands' second year running.

Tom Jackson


Hi, I'm Tom, a 2nd Year Politics and International Relations student. I play saxophone in Jazz Band, and this year I'll be your president of SUJB. I'll do my best to make Jazz Band a fun and enjoyable place for everyone to play some great music!

James Marshall


O.K, erm... "I'm James, a 2nd Year BA Geography Student who plays the Alto Saxophone in Jazz Band. I am the Secretary for the society, as I enjoy writing, and can take fairly quick notes (at least as fast as my laptop keyboard allows!)." Is that roughly all we need?

Zavier Scozzari


Hi I’m Zav, after starting the band last year I’m continuing my time on the committee as treasurer. I’m in my third year studying Geography and I play the trumpet. It’s my job to look after the societies finances and membership to ensure it is well managed and invested.

Ross Millar

Communications Secretary

Yo, I'm Ross, 2nd Year BA Philosophy and Music student and Bassist in Jass Band. I'm Communications Secretary, which makes me the friendly face of Jazz Band, particularly on Social Media (follow @SUJazzBand and our Facebook page to stay up to date). If you have any questions, suggestions or philosophical quandaries, I'm the one to go to, via email or at rehearsals..

Conor Gorman

Ordinary Member

Nyle Bevan-Clark

Musical Director

Hi, I'm Nyle and I'm a final year music student. I am a saxophonist and the band's Musical Director. It's a project I'm very excited about and I look forward to what's in store for Jazz Band's inaugural year!.

Joseph Luke


Joseph Luke (JLu), is Jazz Band’s librarian or master (I do printing and edit things). I’m a second year Ed-Psych student, I enjoy long walks on sunny, sandy beaches and BBQs. Any queries feel free to drop a message J.Luke

Charlie English

Social Secretary

Ng Chuen Ken

Tour Secretary